Hi! I’m Amber.

I am currently calling Nashville, TN home but was born and raised in small town Iowa. The last decade of my life has been a journey through a maze of mystery illnesses, misdiagnoses, and the frustration of being told it’s ‘all in my head’ by well-meaning doctors. 

Faced with this perplexing puzzle, I was determined to take control of my narrative. I took a deep dive and immersed myself in a sea of information, but became more overwhelmed and isolated. Amid this chaos, I decided to make unraveling the root of my health challenges my main mission.

This commitment led me to make radical changes – I left my dream career, parted with my house and belongings, and ventured to a new state, seeking a fresh start to rebuild my life from scratch. It was a transformative journey, one that ultimately fueled my passion to guide others.

I’m here to share the knowledge and experience I gained through my journey, offering you hope and a roadmap to reclaiming your path to balance and wellness.

Here’s to new beginnings and a thriving, balanced life! Let’s get started!