Easiest Ways to Increase Your Physical Activity

My Top 5 Essentials to Help You Get More Movement In

Did you know that regular physical activity can actually increase your life expectancy? No, really. Studies show that regular physical activity alone may extend your life up to 7 years!1 And, just 30 minutes of extra physical activity a day equated to an approximate 17% decreased mortality risk annually.2

Based on those statistics and what we touched on in my post about Physical Wellness, we now realize how important physical activity is for our overall health and wellness. So, how do I get more movement in my day? Today we will discuss what types of activity are important, simple examples for each type, and some of my top recommended products to give you the easiest way to start exercising and getting in more movement from home!

As a note: The content of this blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet, exercise, medication, or other health-related routines.

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Physical Activity Pyramid


How much physical activity do we need? This will vary for everyone but the graphic above gives the current general recommendations for healthy adults. There are four parts of the pyramid. The larger the section, the more time should be spent. For example, try to limit inactivity, but focus on making regular movement or lifestyle activities a priority throughout the day. 

If you want additional ideas on getting more movement into your day easily, see below.

How to Get More Movement in Your Day

1. Schedule it:

Just like any other appointment or meeting, schedule time for movement into your day. Set yourself reminders in your work calendar, on your phone, or through a fitness tracker to further encourage you to get moving.

2. Keep it simple and creative:

Have a quick one-song dance party, play tag with your kids, walk while you take a phone call, do squats while brushing your teeth, create a ‘deskercise’ routine, or simply take the stairs instead of the elevator. The options are endless.

3. Make It Social:

Grab a friend, family member, or even a pet. Whether it’s going for a walk, joining a group fitness class, or playing a game of frisbee, you get the benefits of social connection and an accountability partner.

4. Set Goals:

Whether increasing your daily step count, mastering a new yoga pose, or completing a 5k race, setting goals can help keep you motivated and on track. Break those goals down into the simplest steps and track your progress. Check out Atomic Habits for more on this.

5. Listen to Your Body:

Remember, movement should feel good, not like a punishment. If you’re feeling tired or sore, opt for gentler activities like an easy walk, stretching, or even foam rolling.

My Top Essentials

1. Fitness Tracker

Apple Smart Watch SE

If you are an iPhone user, this is the highest-rated Apple watch for the price. You can track your activity and sleep, among other metrics. It helps to keep you motivated to get more movement throughout the day.

Google Pixel Watch

Google integrated Fitbit into its watch. It is my top choice for an Android smartwatch for that reason. The Fitbit app gives you insights on how to better different aspects of your health and has workout videos if you need some ideas. You can even have your watch remind you every hour to move more!

Amazfit Band 5

This fitness tracker is not only cost-effective but has nearly all the same features as many of the top big smartwatch brands (including a period tracker and predictor) and has up to a 15-day battery life. If you are looking for something budget-friendly, this is a great choice!

2. Comfortable Sneakers

Make sure that you are finding a shoe that fits your activity level, the type of activities you are doing, and what is best for your foot shape as well as any conditions that may be impacted by the type of shoe you are wearing. I have linked a couple of my favorite shoe brands below with more of their basic walking shoe, but they also have a variety of other options that would be better suited if you are looking for a running, training, or another type of sneaker.

Hoka One ONe womens Clifton 9

Hokas are one of the highest-rated sneakers in so many categories. I linked one that is a good basic sneaker for walking and light exercise. They also have a range of other styles and color variations depending on what you are looking for. They have high quality standards and wide sizes making them one of my favorites!

Saucony Womens Cohesion 15

Saucony shoes have been my go-to for years as they are typically a little more budget-friendly, come in a wide shoe, have a large variety of styles, and use eco-friendly material. The style I have linked is a lightweight trainer that is super cushiony and even considered vegan.

3. Water Bottles 

STANLEY IceFlow Tumbler

Stanley is the top-trending water bottle right now, but I like something leak-resistant and easy to transport, so I linked my favorite option for a Stanley that still has a straw but can be thrown in your bag or passenger seat without worry.

Yeti Rambler tumbler

As I mentioned in my last blog, this is my go-to water bottle based on durability and transportability. I drop this multiple times daily and have never had an issue. It has a couple of different lid options, but I am always a fan of something with a handle and a straw.

Yomious Glass Water Bottle

If you are looking for something budget and eco-friendly, check out this glass water bottle, with a bamboo lid and silicone sleeve. It is free of BPA, PVC, and any other potentially harmful chemicals. It is also durable and leakproof.

4. Exercise Mat

Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat 1″

This is a great choice for most floor exercises as it is thicker and non-slip. This is especially beneficial for those who have joint or mobility concerns. It is also non-toxic and comes in a variety of colors! It comes with a strap, making it easier to transport and store.

Gaiam 4MM Yoga Mat 

 This is a great beginner mat as it is budget-friendly, lightweight, and non-toxic. It comes in various designs and is one of my go-to’s for a simple mat.

Gayo Yoga Cork Mat

This mat is from a woman-owned small business and is eco-friendly, sustainable, non-toxic, with ethically sourced material. It has guide lines to help with posing. It is sweat-resistant, non-slip, and anti-microbial

5. Workout Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM5

These over-the-ear headphones rate higher than any other high-end brand and for a good reason. They are noise canceling, have amazing sound quality, and are durable. They come with a higher price tag, but if you are going for premium headphones, this is my choice.

Tozo NC9

These are phenomenal for the price and what I currently use. I even prefer them over my Pixel Buds! They’re waterproof, fit great, and have touch control, making them perfect for working out. They also have amazing sound quality, noise canceling and transparency modes, and external noise reduction in the microphone.  Tozo also carries a very high-rated over-the-ear version as well!

Bonus: Desk Exercise Equipment

Sperax Walking Pad

This walking pad is great for underneath your standing desk or in front of your TV. It is currently #1 on Amazon for treadmills as it is quieter, has a remote control, and has a 320lb capacity, higher than most walking pads.

Intent Sports Yoga Ball Chair

This holds up to 550 lbs, comes with physical and digital workout resources, has resistance bands for additional workouts, and doubles as a balance ball chair that can be used in place of your desk chair to work on building core strength and improve your posture.

DailyLife Standing Mat

This anti-fatigue mat helps to make standing much more comfortable. The design makes for easy light stretching of the legs and encourages you to regularly switch standing positions to take a lot of pressure off your knees.


Ready to lace up your sneakers and get started? Remember, even just 30 minutes of extra movement a day can add years to your life! From dancing in your living room to taking the stairs, small changes make a big impact. And with my top essentials, you’ll be that much closer to a more active and healthier you!

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