Year of Wellness: Finding Balance in All Aspects of Wellness

What is Wellness? And why do I need it? A guide to unraveling the confusions surrounding Wellness and finding Balance within it. 

Hey there, beautiful souls, and happy 2024! I am excited to introduce you to my new series – Year of Wellness: Finding Balance in All Aspects of Wellness. Before we look at what to expect from the series, we need to define: what is wellness?

Throughout my journey with the topic, I have discovered it encompasses every aspect of our life, discovering what makes you feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled and how to find the balance between these aspects. Throughout the year, I will introduce eleven aspects of wellness and how to tangibly make adjustments in your life to find balance in your journey to overall wellness.

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As we begin this series, it’s crucial to start by sharing a piece of my own story. I’ve dealt with the challenges of PCOS and Hashimoto’s, two conditions that have deeply shaped my wellness journey. Before receiving those diagnoses, I spent over a decade dealing with mystery illnesses, misdiagnoses, and little resolve from the medical community. After many dead ends on my path to feel better, I felt I had no other option but to take matters into my own hands. I dove deep into anything I could find related to health and wellness. If you have done any research yourself, I am sure you can empathize with the fact that there is so much information out there, but not enough of the right information. How do you know what to trust, what to try, and what works for you?

I used the knowledge I gained from various resources as well as A LOT of trial and error to get to where I am today. Because of that, I became determined to help others not have to go through the same experiences I had to endure for so many years. I have done the deep dives so you do not have to! I am determined to provide you with knowledge, as well as actionable steps you can take, to assist you on your unique path to overall wellness. For those of you interested in taking a deeper dive, I will be providing some additional reading and resources with each post. You are in control of this journey and I am here to be your resource, your guide, and your cheerleader!

With that, let me give you a little taste of what exactly you can expect this upcoming year.

January: Nutritional Wellness 

January is dedicated to the intricacies of Nutritional Wellness. Together, we’ll explore mindful eating, nourishing our bodies, and look at the impact of what we consume. We will look at ways to ease the time and stress that comes with trying to prepare nutritious foods. The supplement industry will also be addressed. Is supplementation of certain nutrients the best option, and what do you look for?

February: Social Wellness

February takes us to Social Wellness. Winter can at times bring up feelings of isolation or loneliness. And for some of us, Valentine’s Day can increase that feeling. Because of that, this is a perfect time to discuss ways to foster connection, celebrate community, and find joy in shared experiences. Also, keep your eyes out for how self-care as well as non-alcoholic drinks tie into social wellness.

March: Physical Wellness

March is dedicated to the celebration of Physical Wellness. It’s not just about visits to the gym; it’s about embracing movement as well as rest, exploring what all encompasses physical wellness, and how to establish a harmonious relationship with ourselves. We will work on building the best plan for you to create a balanced lifestyle that not only nourishes your body, but also your soul.

April: Environmental Wellness

In April, our focus shifts to Environmental Wellness. We will look at how the places we inhabit impact our well-being and how to nurture a balanced connection with the world around us. You will find simple changes that better the environment as well as yourself, without breaking the bank or consuming all of your time.

May: Emotional Wellness

May gives us a glimpse into Emotional Wellness—a journey of self-awareness, resilience, and learning to navigate our emotions with grace and authenticity. You will find different tips to get more in touch with your emotions and the best ways to heal your soul.

June: Occupational Wellness

June is all about Occupational Wellness. How do we strike a balance between professional fulfillment and personal life, and craft a life filled with purpose and joy? There is not one right path for everyone, so this month is about finding what path is right for you and how to best navigate that journey.

July: Spiritual Wellness 

July delves into Spiritual Wellness, encouraging us to connect with our inner selves, practice mindfulness, and uncover how to find peace in the world around us. The word Spirituality can be defined in so many ways, but I will provide tips on how to explore this topic and find what resonates for you in your soul.

August: Intellectual Wellness 

In August, the focus shifts to Intellectual Wellness. Engage in a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, embrace critical thinking, and foster continuous growth for a sharper, more balanced mind. We will discuss book recommendations, other knowledge resources, and how to be creative with our learning.

September: Hormonal Wellness

September dives into Hormonal Wellness. Drawing from personal experience, the limited information given to us on our hormonal health has led to so many of us dealing with the negative effects of hormonal imbalances. This month we will navigate the complexities of hormones, discover the best ways to support our bodies, and get to the root of the concerns that many of us experience.

October: Financial Wellness 

October takes us on a journey toward Financial Wellness. Let’s explore smart money habits, set financial goals, and achieve stability, creating a foundation for our path to financial freedom.

November: Creative Wellness 

November brings in one of my favorite topics, Creative Wellness. This is a month of play, expression, and discovery. Nurture your creativity, and foster a vibrant, balanced life. We will also get a sneak peek into December this month as we talk about vision boards. Vision boards are one of the most creative and effective ways to help you set goals and celebrate your achievements while providing you daily, visual reminders of what brings you joy and motivation.

December: Reflecting and Resetting

Before embarking on another year, December offers a moment to Reflect and Reset. Celebrate victories, set intentions, and prepare for a new chapter in your wellness journey.


This series isn’t just a guide; it’s an exploration of balance, well-being, and finding how to listen to and nourish our bodies and souls. You can expect a couple of blog posts monthly as well as daily tips and inspiration on my Instagram, Pinterest, and other socials linked below. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge, but more importantly, I would love to connect with all of you throughout this journey. Please share your experiences, and what you are looking forward to the most.  What topics do you want to learn more about and what questions do you have? Share what is working and the progress you have made, so we can all celebrate each other’s victories. Are you ready to start this journey with me?

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