What is Pranic Healing: Interview with an Expert

In my last article on spiritual wellness, we explored various ways to nurture your spiritual health and help achieve more inner harmony. As I work at exploring my own spiritual wellness, I regularly seek out new experiences that I can learn from and try to find things that best resonate with me.

At a wellness festival in Nashville, TN, I met a vast array of individuals with different wellness tips and resources. One vendor stuck with me. Karthick, a Pranic Healer told me about Pranic Healing and a few examples of how it could help. Slightly skeptical but curious, I reached out to Karthick to learn more and experience Pranic Healing for myself.

What is Pranic Healing - Interview with an Expert
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My Experience With Pranic Healing

At the time of writing this, I have had 8 Pranic Healing Sessions with Karthick. He educated me on Pranic Healing and we discussed what I wanted to work on. I decided I wanted to work on general healing, some of my emotional blocks, and then in later sessions more on my physical health.

Each session, I sat in a comfortable chair with my eyes closed while Karthick performed the healing. Most sessions started with some breathwork and intention setting. Unlike something like massage therapy or acupuncture, Pranic Healing involves no contact with the physical body. However, I still felt a tingling or warmth sensation at different points of the healing sessions.

After each session, I felt immensely relaxed, similar to what I would feel after a massage. Before we had started sessions, my mental health was at a lower point but has completely rebounded since. I feel more optimistic, motivated, and energized.

From a physical standpoint, I went into our second session with a terrible headache I couldn’t shake for almost two days. I left the session without a headache and have not had one since. I have also received some positive news from doctors on some of the health metrics I have been tracking and will continue to track these.

Wellness word graph, holistic wellness, pranic healing.

If you have read any of my previous articles, you know that I think of wellness in a holistic sense and work on all aspects of my wellness. So, I can not say if Pranic Healing is the sole cause of these improvements, but it does seem to be a factor. I am still a bit of a skeptic about things I cannot easily understand or explain, but this experience has helped me to become much more open-minded about what is possible. And, I even received a few lessons on Quantum Physics as it relates to Pranic Healing.

You may be asking at this point, what is Pranic Healing? Is this something that could benefit me? Well, let’s speak to a Pranic Healer directly!

An Interview with Karthick, a Pranic Healer

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Karthick: I grew up in Chennai in Southern India. I moved to the States in 2013 to complete my graduate degree at Texas A&M where I studied Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Since then, I have lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and now Nashville, TN where I currently work as an Engineer for Amazon.

I began the practice of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga around age 18, practicing diligently for the past 15 years. I’d like to think I have a strong analytical mind. I approach healing and energy work from a scientific side and like to validate and experiment with things. Healing through Prana has done wonders for me and has provided me the opportunity to help others.

Karthick - Pranic Healing Expert
Karthick Sudhan Raja
Q: So, what is Pranic Healing?

Karthick: The word Prana means life force or energy. This is mentioned throughout every civilization and religion in history. Examples include Qi/Chi in Chinese and Mana in Polynesian and Melanesian cultures. Pranic Healing is an ancient healing modality that uses Prana which is abundant and available all around.

It is like oxygen. Even though oxygen is present outside the human body, you are able to inhale that oxygen into your body and send CO2 out. Similarly, a subtle process happens in the energy body, which can be proven with the existence of advanced technologies like Kirlian Photography, etc. This incoming and outgoing of Prana happens at certain points in the physical body – major acupuncture points or chakras. Having knowledge of these chakras and Prana, we are able to impart holistic healing without any side effects. So, all we are doing is just rapidly increasing the self-recovery process of the physical body.

statue of two people holding the sun
Q: How does Pranic Healing differ from other types of energy healing?

Karthick: Pranic healing gives you access to in-depth knowledge about the existence of chakras. And, how the chakras control the major physical organs and the endocrine glands. It focuses on the principles of cleansing and energizing. So it doesn’t only focus on the subject matter of projecting energy. It teaches you how to remove the blocks or the old energy that is causing the system to not be in an equilibrium state. Once we remove the old energy, pranic healing teaches you the concept of how to energize that specific part of the body.

In Pranic Healing, you are not using your own energy. You are using the energy that exists outside your own system. Then, you are energizing the person that you are working on, so you don’t get drained. Pranic Healing teaches you energy hygiene, and how to keep your energy body clean. You can also heal yourself.

Pranic Healing also studies the importance of Color Pranas. You can use them to further accelerate the body’s self-recovery process. Certain color pranas have certain characteristics. For example, green can be used to loosen up old, dirty energy where red is connected to activity, and strengthening.

I don’t think there exists another healing modality that has taught people to heal in such a detailed fashion. I think that Pranic Healing is extensive in the sense that it offers a vast array of knowledge. It is basically a Ph.D in Energy Anatomy – what is the energy body, chakras, and how it relates to the physical body. I do want to note that Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine and Pranic Healers do not give medical diagnoses. It is complementary and an alternative healing therapy.

Q: How does Pranic Healing relate to Spirituality?

Karthick: It is said that Pranic Healing is a bridge to spirituality. What I mean by that is that energy work happens in a subtle field. We cannot see energy through the naked eye. It is like electricity. When you turn on a light, what you see is not electricity, but the effect of electricity. Similarly, Pranic Healing operates in a subtle field. That is the field after the gaseous state of matter. We have solid, liquid, gas. Then we have ether. So that is the etheric body, or energy body, or aura, or biomagnetic field around us.

When you are physically awake, your consciousness exists in the physical world. But, when you practice Pranic Healing, your consciousness expands because your consciousness is now operating in the subtle matter.  So, when that happens, Your perspective on life changes. I don’t want to get too philosophical, but you would like to understand the whys behind a lot of things. You would like to understand the hidden side of things, the hidden side of the universe.

You become interested in Meditation. How can I use mediation to bring peace, love, and kindness into my system? How do I use it to reflect on and improve my character? Your perspective changes. All these are gradual changes that don’t happen overnight. In the process, you are going to make mistakes, but that’s fine. The more you practice, the more you want to understand and make yourself a better person. The chances of you continuing your spiritual journey increase. Spirituality is nothing but us as conscious beings of light understanding where we come from and how we are interrelated or connected with other human beings. Basically, understanding that humanity is one community is spirituality.

Silhouette of People during Sunset - community
Q: So, you do not have to have any specific set of beliefs to benefit from or participate in Pranic Healing?

Karthick: Correct. Pranic Healing is universal. It focuses on truth. It is very scientific. I was raised as a Hindu. But honestly, growing up I wouldn’t say I was atheist, but I did not believe in Idol worship. I wanted to understand the science or the whys behind the idols/rituals.

I think Pranic Healing provides you an opportunity to understand the richness of traditions. And now, I am able to actually appreciate Hinduism even more than before I was a Pranic Healer. I like Christianity. I like Islam. I like all the traditions, all the religions, and all the faiths because at the end of the day, all the faiths, all the systems, say the same thing. They have been offered to humanity at different points in time. So, by elevating your consciousness and understanding some key spiritual truths, you become a better Hindu, Christian, Muslim, etc. You do not have to give up your faith to practice Pranic Healing. It is very universal.

Q: What are the benefits of Pranic Healing

Karthick: Pranic Healing can be used to support healing simple ailments. Some examples include headaches, back pain, and simple wounds. Also, Intermediate problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, or Respiratory Illnesses. We have seen success stories with cancer, brain disorders, and other severe cases.

Recently, I healed a firefighter who was involved in a SWAT explosion and developed tinnitus 8 years ago. In 5 sessions he was healed completely. I believe there isn’t really a cure for tinnitus, you can only improve the situation, but he has reported that the ringing noise in his ears is completely gone.

Knowing how to use the Prana allows us to alleviate the suffering. Pranic Healing has a lot of benefits physiologically and psychologically as well – stress, anxiety, depression, traumas, phobias, etc. Pranic Psychotherapy focuses on these heavy thoughts and emotions. We remove them from the system and replenish it with clean, fresh, positive thoughts and emotions to relieve the psychological ailments.

Pranic Healing is practiced all over the world and the beautiful thing is that it is standardized. You receive the same treatment no matter where in the world you are. The exact same protocol is used to heal in every country.

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Q: What services do you provide as a Pranic Healer? If someone is interested in experiencing Pranic Healing, how can they connect with you?

Karthick: I offer in-person and remote healing sessions. They are 1 hour each. I work with any ailments needing psychological, or physiological improvement.

To schedule with me or discuss further, send me a message on Instagram here. , Or, you can send me an email at [email protected].

Q: What if someone is interested in becoming a Pranic Healer themselves?

Karthick: If you are in the Nashville area or are willing to travel, we offer a 2-day immersive hands-on workshop. Currently, we are offering a Level 1 training. The next one is July 13-14, 2024. You can register for that here.

Q: Anything we haven’t covered that you would like to mention?

Karthick: Be open. To learn you must first be in a place to accept and try new things. Try to experiment and make your own conclusion. You just need to have an open mind.

Q: Finally, if someone was interested in learning more and diving deeper into this topic on their own, what resources would you recommend?

Karthick: There are a lot of print and online resources. I will note a few of my favorites below. People can also reach out to me here for additional.


Through my personal experiences and the insights shared by Karthick above, it’s clear that Pranic Healing has the potential to provide positive changes in your life. This is the case whether you’re seeking to improve your physical health, achieve emotional balance, or deepen your spiritual connection.

From my journey on nurturing my spiritual wellness, the best thing you can do is to meet things with an open and curious mind. Learn, explore, try new experiences, and hold onto what most resonates with you. You got this!

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